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Ingrid Naiman's Web Sites

Ingrid has about 20 web sites, including her most recent which contains many of the emails sent to subscribers over the last year or two. The sites reflect her personal passions: healing, herbs, harmony between all kingdoms of Nature and all persons of whatever beliefs, persuasions, ambitions, ethnicity, or ambitions. She is committed to fairness, opportunity to unfold our divine gifts, global peace, and sustainable use of resources, including agricultural and forest land.



Fate: Destiny or Karma?

The Web's Leading Medical AstrologyWeb Site

See also and the correspondence course in medical astrology at Astrology of Healing.

Tulsi:  Holy Basil

Ayurveda, Ancient Traditions and Harmony

Ayurvedic Bazaar
Dosha Balance



Natural Healing and Sustainable Agriculture

Cancer Plants


Cancer Herbal Formulas


Cancer Salves
Holistic Approaches to Cancer

Cancer Salves and Cancer Checklist



Fungal Threats to Health and Home

Kitchen Doctor

Kitchen Doctor: the most popular of Ingrid's Sites

Practical approaches family health: mercury toxicity, immunity, parasites, excess estrogen, and much more.



Soaring Spirit with TearsIngrid's Most Personal Site: 
Autobiographical Essays, Political Activism, and Insights from Meditation


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Specialty Formulas honoring the Native American Herbal Tradition



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